Some days are glitter, some days are grit.
— Kelley Jeanne of her debut EP 'glitter 'n grit'

The Beginning

Kelley Jeanne has never known a time in her life when she wasn’t singing.  Growing up in a military family, Kelley moved around a lot as a child.  The only constant in her life was music, and she used it as her center and began performing at an early age. She spent much of her childhood acting and singing. One thing was true, she always preferred the spotlight.

The Transformation

Kelley moved to Pittsburgh to pursue a degree when she was 18.  She has lived in Pittsburgh ever since.  While in the Steel City, Kelley began to find her voice and started performing with the Masterworks Concert Chorale. Kelley knew she wanted more and with the help of her fiance and high school sweetheart, Paul, she began the journey that transformed her into Kelley Jeanne.

Kelley Jeanne is an artist and songwriter who wants to pursue her creative vision boldly. Her first single, “One More Mile” is featured on the debut EP 'glitter 'n grit'. Kelley uses her unique blend of classical technique with her bluesy tone to create a journey through her songs.  

‘glitter ‘n grit’

'glitter n’ grit' is a truthful heartfelt story of the highs and lows of life. It draws from moments and experiences that resonate with anyone who listens. It reflects on the lowest of lows, highest of highs, times of desperation, and times of endless joy. It shows that some days are glitter, some days are grit.

That’s life. That’s this album.

Life isn’t always an easy journey and sometimes it’s hard to work toward your dreams.  What makes this album special is that all writers might not have experienced these emotions, but know somebody who has. And every listener will either have experienced the emotion, or have a friend, relative, acquaintance, that has experienced something expressed in these songs.Some songs leave you wanting more, that’s by design…that’s where the listener can fill in what he or she feels. The full story may not always be written, and that’s where the audience can write in the rest. Is “I Know that Guy” a precursor to “Thief” or “One More Mile?” Are they even related at all? That’s for the listener to decide.